What should I bring to the swimming lesson?


  • We insist on a double nappy policy at Squidgers so we ask all babies to have on a disposable swim nappy and a       neoprene 'happy nappy' over the top. This helps prevent any possible leaking from the nappy.


  • For those in our toddler classes, if your child is toilet trained than a normal swimming costume is fine.


  • Towel for you both


  • Wipeable changing mat to use in the changing room


  • Your own swim wear


  • As your little one may be hungry at the end of their class you may want to bring milk or a snack for them. We do ask that you don't bring any food into the changing facilities.

How old does my baby need to be to start swimming lessons?

As soon as you are happy to bring your little one they can start swimming lessons. Our Baby Squidgers classes are specifically designed to work with baby's natural dive reflex so newborns are an ideal age to begin. The youngest I have had in one of my classes was 5 days old. Squidgers toddler classes run from approx 14 months to 3.5 years .

Both myself and my partner would like to come to classes - is this okay?

We have a policy that only one adult may enter the water with each child in their lesson but with regards to who bring's your little one to class it's entirely up to you. We have mummies, daddies, and grandparents bringing their little one's to swim. We do have a viewing window at Deep so partner's and family are able to watch the lesson.

What happens if we miss a lesson due to illness?

'If you miss a class due to illness then please ring the office and I will try to arrange a make up class for your little one.  Subject to availability I offer 1 free make up class per term. I will always try and fit you into to a suitable space if I can . 

If your child has had vomiting or diarrhea then please do not bring them to the pool till they have been clear for 48 hrs . If your little one is suffering with a chest, ear or eye infection then please do not bring them until it has cleared up. Do not worry if your little one has a slight cold, it is very common for babies to have the sniffles ' 


Does my baby need immunisations before swimming?

The NHS website states you can take your newborn swimming regardless of whether they have had their vaccinations. You may find if your lesson falls on the day they have their jabs they may be slightly unhappy.


NHS Website / immunisations

My toddler has never had a swimming lesson before, can they start classes with Squidgers?

We have classes running from 13 months upwards, whether they have had baby classes or are new to the water we can accomodate their needs. We will asses them at one of our free taster sessions and find a class that suits them

What if my little one becomes upset in the water?

Sometimes babies can cry when in the water, this can be for many reasons. If your baby is hungry then they can feel upset and irratable , we recommend you feed you baby before they swim , allow at least half an hour after a feed before they come in the water. Baby may just be upset as it can be overwhelming taking in a new experience, people etc. We alway take are cue from your baby, we do things at their pace with as much support and encouragement as they need. It is unlikely you would ever need to leave a lesson due to baby being upset, saying that know your baby better than anyone so follow your instincts if they are upset.