Squidgers Parent & Child Classes


Baby Squidgers:



These classes are for babies from birth up to approx 12 months. Using babies natural dive reflex we encourage the early development of a baby's natural swimming skills in small, fun specialised classes. At Squidgers we have developed a programme that works at your baby's pace introducing them to word association exercises , songs and activities that will develop water confidence and an understanding of water safety. The lesson's are held in warm pools, no less than 30oC ,ideal temp for baby and no more than 6 babies in a class.


Little Squidgers:

These classes are for little ones aged 13months to 2.5 years. Whether they have been a Baby Squidger or have no previous swimming experience they can join these classes. Our aim is having fun whilst building confidence and encouraging water safety. We use songs, games and toys to encourage lots of 'kicking legs', 'paddling arms' and 'bubble blowing'. They love to use the woggles and the mat at this age and we aim for some short independent swims.


Big Squidgers:

These classes are for little ones aged 2.5 years to 3.5 years. Again building confidence in a fun environment is key . At this age lots of encouragement and praise helps massively, they are still to young to master stroke technique but with the use of swim aids we aim to encourage independent swimming. Progress can be a lot slower than during Baby Squidgers, it's all about nurturing them and achieving our aim to develop your little one into an independent swimmer.




Through out all Squidgers stages we always let baby guide us to their own pace , they are all fantastic individuals who will learn in different ways. If you have any questions about any of our classes then please do not hesitate to contact us.